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Welcome to our martial arts dojo site. We are located in north Scottsdale, Arizona (not far from the airpark), and serve metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. We practice Chulukua-Ryu, Jiu Jitsu and Karate, primarily, with a focus on self-defense.

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Meet our Soke (Head of Family)

Our Soke Crosses Over

Our much-loved Soke,

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, 
also known to many as Gunnie,

returned to the Great Round 
the evening of September 10, 2013.

Though we will miss you more than words can say,
we are full of gratitude for the time we had with you.
We send our prayers for your transition to whatever is next for you.

Visit the memorial site: harley-swiftdeer-reagan.forevermissed.com

Harley SwiftDeer ReaganThe Late Harley SwiftDeer Reagan

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Jiu Jitsu

Derived from Japanese, it is also spelled Ju Jutsu or Ju Jitsu. Ju means 'gentle', 'soft' or 'flexible' and Jutsu means 'skill' or 'art.' Hence Jiu Jitsu is the flexible art. This unarmed martial art either originated in or found its way to Japan over 2,500 years ago. It focusses on striking vital points, locking joints and throwing opponents.The vital points that are targeted in many martial arts are the same pressure points that are used in healing techniques such as acupuncture. The ability to strike pressure points accurately can be lethal, so this knowledge is taught gradually as the student progresses in skill and control.

In addition to striking pressure points, our study of the martial arts - and Jiu Jitsu in particular - will teach you wrist locks, arm bars, take downs, throws, mat holds and choke holds. From dealing with intimidation, to handling crowd control, to protecting yourself in a life-threatening situation, this martial arts system will give you the tools you need to face life with increased confidence.

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Karate is Japanese for 'empty hands' (kara=empty, te=hand). One of the most well-known martial arts, Karate teaches us that our empty hands can be lethal weapons. Perhaps the Kenpo Karate creed says it best:

I come to you with only 'Karate' - empty hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor; should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons - 'Karate' - my empty hands.

The history of Karate is strongly intertwined with the history of Okinawa, the largest island and capital of the Ryukyu Islands chain, which links the main islands of southern Japan to the island of Taiwan. An interesting influence in the development of Karate was the banning of weapons on Okinawa in 1477. The origins of Karate, however, go back thousands of years, perhaps even to the famous Shaolin Temple (China), often credited as the birthplace of the martial arts.

In our dojo, the practice of Karate teaches basic stances, punches, kicks and blocks. Kata (Japanese for 'form' - a series of choreographed moves designed to simulate combat with multiple opponents) are practiced extensively to ingrain combinations of the basics into our bodies. Defense sets and weapons are introduced to upper yellow belts in preparation for the orange belt test. More advanced kata, defense sets and weapons exercises accompany the advancement in belt rank.

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More About Our Soke & Our Dojo

Our comprehensive martial arts system actually includes seven distinct styles:

  1. Chulukua-Ryu
  2. Shorinji-Ryu Jiu Jitsu
  3. Juko-Ryu Jiu Jitsu
  4. Shorei-Kenpo Karate
  5. American Kenpo Karate
  6. Shorin-Ryu Karate
  7. Wing-Chun

Wing-Chun is a style of southern Shaolin Temple boxing. You will find that, in our practice of the martial arts, all nine of these styles blend seamlessly to form a complete whole, forever growing and changing to discover whatever works best. The fact that the Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Zen Buddhism, occupies such a prominent place in the history of the martial arts illustrates perfectly the inseparable nature of the martial arts and spiritual development. Our Soke demonstrates and teaches the spiritual, mental and emotional warrior attributes as impeccably as he does the physical. For this reason, our martial arts practice gives us not only the ability to defend ourselves physically, but also the more intangible benefits of reduced fear and a more relaxed mind.

The first rule of the martial arts is to avoid physical confrontations. We eventually fear more for our opponents than for ourselves. If you find yourself in a fight, you have already made a mistake. However, in such a case, our Soke's tremendously experienced martial arts instruction becomes a priceless resource. Experience is the greatest teacher, and Soke Reagan uses his knowledge to constantly remind us of the differences between street fighting and tournament sparring, giving us the most effective techniques for each.

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Belt Ranks

8th Hachi-Kyu White Purity & Innocence at the Beginning
7th Shichi-Kyu Yellow Reflection & Thought as First Achievement
6th Rok-Kyu Orange Spirituality & Awareness to develop "Ki"
5th Go-Kyu Blue Fertility & Growth to develop Respect
4th Yon-Kyu Green Bravery & Bloodshed for Success in Battle
3rd San-Kyu Low
Young Brave for Mother Earth to learn from her Knowledge
2nd Ni-Kyu Middle
Mature Brave for Mother Earth to aid in Sacred Ways
1st Ik-Kyu High
Warrior for Mother Earth as an Apprentice to a Man of Knowledge

After the 1st degree brown belt, the black belt ranks begin,
starting with ShoDan (1st degree), and going up to JuDan (10th degree).

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Class Information

Currently Ten No Kishi Dojo is a private dojo.  Ocassionally workshops are offered to the public.

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Contacts & Links

Please contact us for answers to any questions you may have.

For information about classes, disciplines, and other general questions: .

DTMMS, the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, is our parent organization, committed to the healing of Mother Earth and her children. To learn more about DTMMS:

DTMMS (480) 443-3851

We invite you to visit the Deer Tribe Gun Club, also run by Soke Reagan as part of his commitment to providing complete self defense instruction.

We also invite your on this site.

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We acknowledge and recommend The Way of the Warrior
by Howard Reid and Michael Croucher.