In this sequence, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan is approached with a knife (1). Employing shionage knife defense, Reagan grabs the opponent's wrist and jabs to the eyes (2), then applies a heel strike to the groin (3). Controlling the attacker by twisting the arm, Swiftdeer steps in front of the opponent (4), grabs the elbow (5), and throws him to the ground (6). Taking the knife from the attacker's hand (7) Reagan flips the knife around (8) and holds the weapon to the attacker (9). It is a myth that Native Americans held their knives blade down.

people, to things, to life. It's your constant judgment, in comparison to the expectation of others. It's basically the
little kid that won't grow up and become a mature human being."
     "Paradoxically, all roads to self-discovery involve both great complexity and absolute simplicity. One begins the spiritual path of chulukua-ryu by making a commitment to self-knowledge and slef-pleasure.
     "Start by analyzing each of the eight characteristics, and learn to apply them in their reconnanissance, in their strategy, and in their tactics.
     "For instance, everyone is pretty much aware that reconnaissance means doing your homework. That's your prerequisite knowledge, your own resources, your own abilities. It's also knowing the enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
     "Strategy is future tense: What are you going to do? Tactics are present tense: Now it's happening, what can you do to change it?
     In Swiftdeer's pragmatic martial philosophy, any technique that drops an assailant on the street is a good technique. Of course all of us want to look good, or at least be in halfway decent form when we do something.

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